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He ist looking for her

he si looking for her

The men's world knows the problem: Man (n) feels lonely, is stressed and everyday life offers few opportunities to get in touch with the opposite sex. The easiest and most convenient way of contacting women is to give up a personal ad. But what belongs in a contact announcement everything? And what do I have to pay attention to when it comes to contact?


The right photos

First, think about what effect you want to unleash on the readers: Sexy, serious or sporty? Keep in mind that if you come in contact with someone, you may meet in person if successful. Therefore, your photos should show your chocolate side, but also make no false promises. Please also note that a photo of a contact ad must show your face.

Of course, you should not necessarily assume that your counterpart is making false promises, but a short webcam chat will provide security.


Personal Information

How open do you want to deal with your dates? The more detailed your details in the contact ad, the higher the chance to find a suitable partner. What you should indicate in each case is the place of residence (region or city), the age and a brief description of your figure. The description text may not contain an e-mail address, the contact takes place via the contact form. Your name should not immediately include your full name so that your name will not be made available to the interested person at the first mail exchange. Via mail programs such as Yahoo.de or Live.de you can create a free e-mail address.



After successful contact, try to establish a relaxed conversation. Once a mutual trust has been created, you can intensify the contact via webcam or telephone. Keep an eye on your goal: a first meeting together. Now that the relationship with the lady of your choice is solidifying, you can start your first joint meeting.


The First meeting

A natural and confident appearance is the be-all and end-all. Try to encourage yourself before the meeting: go to the hairdresser or buy a new outfit. All measures to increase your self-confidence are needed now. You look well-groomed and have dressed up? Then on to the date! But how should such a first meeting look like?

In most cases it should be avoided to meet directly in a private apartment. Each of us, man or woman, wants security and the option - in case the chemistry is not right - even without major inconvenience to end the date. Accordingly, you go to a restaurant, a cinema, a zoo - just everywhere, where a first shared experience is possible. Read more in the guidebook Suitable Date Location: Where does one best meet with his flirt?

It is of course advisable to execute the lady in the evening, because then you have the opportunity to accompany or hopefully on a "nightcap" the hopefully early partner in his apartment. If your first meeting was a success, the rest is up to you. Good luck with your contact ad!


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