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Quality and seriosity

To provide you with maximum security at the highest level, our team offers seven days a week, around the clock, every single registration for plausibility, level and seriousness.

No Fakes

We want you to find the right partner for a happy relationship with us. So the chance for it is so great as we can possibly do, we guarantee you this service. We do not want fakes, sms services, romance scammers or nigeria connections, and we do not want any wrong profile.

Hand-pressed profiles and maximum protection

Every registration, every profile text and every member picture is checked by us by hand and will be released after check-up. A special control and trial process gives you the best protection against our other offers such as text messaging or other bullshit and offers singles on dating so the best guarantee that we are only singles singles who are serious about one solid partnership are interested.

Each member picture will be checked for plausibility by our team and will only be unlocked upon check-out. If you still have concerns, you will find on every profile the possibility to report a violation. Of course, we immediately and immediately respond to any notice!

Security and privacy

To protect the data, we rely on the best possible security features and the ability to put members with whom you do not want to be contacted on a block list. This provides you with maximum protection against stalking or stalking. We offer you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a customer service with a personal contact person, who is always friendly and friendly when it comes to questions, technical problems or image processing.


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